Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wheelie Bins!

The highlight of my week was being given a wheelie bin!!!!!!! Thats a bit sad aye! Although I did have a nice ride at the beach with Steph. Feel like I hardly ever see her sometimes.

So why the wheelie bin and why am I so excited? When we did the Coromandal stage of the Great NZ Trek, Jan loaned me a standard green wheelie bin. She had seem others use them and thought they were a good idea.
Every day you have to pack your gear/tent etc and load it into a truck to be delivered to the next camp site.
Having the wheelie bin kept it all together and was quite easy to move around.

I became quite fond of my wheelie bin. For one week everything I couldn't carry on my horse was in that bin. It became very important to me. Strange as I don't get attached to 'stuff' but it was like all my worldly belongings or something being carried in it, lol

After one particular night when I got myself a bit 'drunk' (note polite term!) I was supposed to be writing a letter in support of a person on the trek so they could win a prize. My wheelie bin got quite a few mentions apparently, along with the water man, hehe. Oh what fun!

Yeap Kelley-Anne, horsey chicks get their kicks from some strange things........


sally said...

oh how funny ...I must admit when I first started reading I was wondering why the heck a wheelie bin is something to get excited about ...but yeah how cool is that having all your gear in one. I also love the beautiful red. Ours is BORING green!!

單存 said...
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