Sunday, February 21, 2010

So much going on and so little time!

Its been a very busy few weeks.

We were left completely car less when the transmission in the Chev went. Talk about the straw that broke the camels back. The Chev is on the way out and we have bought another 4WD vehicle to use as a tow vehicle. Fingers crossed it turns out to be a bit more reliable than my beloved Chev. I will miss it but won't miss the constant worry!

The insurance company have finally settled on the stolen car. They found us to not be at fault (funny that) and within a week had written the car off and paid us the pittance that was left after they extracted their share.

So we have a cute little Nissan to herb around in. Its got a spoiler and looks a bit of a boy racer type which got us pulled over by the police at 1 am yesterday morning, lol. Routine check my left foot! I saw him do a U turn behind me and flash his lights. Nice to know they are working but it was quite funny really.

Last weekend we had the annual dog trials with the added addition of the Waikato Centre Championships. Big weekend!!!!!!!!
Great turnout and reasonable weather. Here's a few photo's to enjoy.

So its now less than 3 weeks till the beginning of the trek. This is my 3rd time on this big ride and every year its been touch and go as to whether I would even make the start.
First year it was Cruize breaking down and the beginning of this blog. Last year it was problems with Summer and mysterious lumps and bumps and this year it was not having a car to take the horse to the start.
Nothing a whole lot of money won't fix of course, not that we have a lot of money................or any money really. But we will go and will again learn something from the whole experience.

Last night we attend the 50th Jubilee of the Kihikihi Rodeo(now named Waikato Rodeo). Lots of memories amongst friends and family is always a great way to spend a night. Rodeo was such a huge part of our life at one stage. Its neat to see a new generation of the family taking over where their grandfather left off.


Lexa said...

That really sucks about your cars, but at least you got good replacements.
Cute pictures!


sally said...

gorgeous photos of the dogs. I used to go to the dog trials here in Taranaki with my grandparents when I was a kid. I was loads of fun. Glad to hear you've got a tow vehicle. Makes life a bit easier beig able to get places

Talisman Farm said...

I have given you a 'Beautiful Blogger' Award :o)