Thursday, January 21, 2010

Its been one of those weeks.......

Where to start even. Not much blogging been happening lately, busy, busy.

Summer's cough seems to be under control. Still on a one a day dose of the Preddy granules as she still roars a bit when going up hills but its way improved.
She is obviously feeling REALLY GOOD and being an absolute handful. Don't know how I manage to stay on her some days. Thank goodness for clever little straps on saddles is all I can say.

We had a great ride out on Sunday with the HORSE Club. Plenty of good hills to climb. She was just starting to settle and walk out nicely for the last 1/2 hr and then it was over. She really should have gone round again.

Have a new girth for her (another one) after she seemed to be disliking the other one more and more. This ones a Kieffer and lovely and soft. The things I do for that pony. She does seem to like it more though and is walking off when I first get on a whole lot happier.

Tonight I took Trapper out on a lead while riding Summer. She was pretty horrible even for Summer. She really needs to get over herself but a lot more work should take care of that.
Trapper however seems to now be coughing in the same way Summer was. Going to give him some medication too and get him cleared up. Summer's is supposed to be an allergy. How unlucky would I be to have 2 horses with the same kind of coughs?????
He's been fine till the past week, so can't work that one out.
Had a saddle on him 2 days ago for the first time in 8 weeks. A couple of spectacular bucks on the lunge but he settled and I had a good little ride on him.
Time to get him back to work but not sure I am even wanting too.
What the heck happened to my enthusiasm???? I have my hands full with Summer and I don't know if I want to do that whole baby horse stuff anymore :(

Te A had a great week with her new owner but now things have turned to custard for her. Very hard for us to get our heads around it all. Hopefully the best possible outcome will happen for her this time and she never has to deal again with people who don't understand her.

No news on our stolen car still. Been going on too long and its getting highly frustrating. Apparently the insurance company are waiting on another police report. Not known for my patience but this has been 8 weeks nearly now. It needs to get sorted.

And the truck has gone. First thing I noticed when it arrived that it did not appear to be as high as it was advertised as. Sure enough it wasn't. How annoying, frustrating and depressing. $3000 was quoted to raise the roof to the height it should have been. I approached the person we bought it from and mentioned the item not being as advertised and consumer rights etc.
Also decided to advertise it for sale and see if we could get a quick solution.

It all happened on Tuesday. Truck sold on TM and the guy we bought it from offered to pay to have the roof height raised! Too late, truck is sold and today it headed back to Christchurch where we bought it from. How gutting though, that it is going to be crashed!!!!
Such a good truck, that drives so well. Everything about it was perfect bar the roof. The people that bought it crash test vehicles, fix them up and then crash them again. Charlie is horrified. He loved the truck.............

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sally said...

good luck with summer ....glad you are getting her cough under control...and what a bummer about the truck and oh my goodness cant believe its fate!!!