Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ruapuke Beach

We had a great ride at Ruapuke beach yesterday.
11 of us in total had a great time playing around on the beach and generally having fun.

Summer being gorgeous
And getting a nice pat for being good

And an awesome shot Debbie took of us just hanging around watching the others.

There are a few others on my Facebook page including some of us in swimming in really deep water. Anyone who knows Summer will know what a big deal that is!

She is always challenging and often frustrating but I do adore her. Now just to learn how to ride............

She is spending a bit of time around the house lately. Always nice to have her waiting at the window for a treat every so often.


sally said...

What gorgeous photos of you and summer. It looks like you were having fun. I'm still struggling along with my mare. Aren't they frustrating at times!!!
I'm going on the Taranaki Hunt club 3 day Trek up towards you guys. Its advertied in the latest trader. You should come with a few friends. Its a great few days of riding.

and this is Summer said...

Hi Sally! Finding the $1300 just for me to ride on the Great NZ Trek means a few sacrifices, especially this year. I would love to do that trek sometime but it won't be this year unfortunately. I hope you have a great time though and Yes, mares are Very frustrating!

allhorsestuff said...

Popped on over from Sally's place!
Beautiful beaches and LOVE your mare by the window!!