Monday, January 4, 2010

Do you ever just wonder why?

A question I was pondering on yesterday as we shied again for what must be the 1000th time at the same rock thats been in the paddock long before we ever came here.
Thats the same paddock that someone lives in 75 % of the time that she has lived here which is about 4 1/2 yrs now.
Why do I like this horse?
And then as we shied at the 3 Pukeko's that flew out of the drain beside us (me with no stirrups on the saddle..........long story) I had to ask myself why I keep bothering!

Some days I just wish that I could go out for a nice relaxing, peaceful ride where I could drift off to another time and know that I wasn't in danger of waking up rather abruptly by whatever rapid direction she decided to take me in. Backwards is a favourite again at the moment.

On the bright side though she must be feeling better! Only one bit of a cough yesterday after a shy at a thistle. Not sure what was wrong with that particular one. Looked the same as plenty of others to me!

Other news, "Te A" has been sold. A lovely woman tried her during the week. She was so cute. It was great to see her happy and confident in herself. That person decided no however and on the weekend a lovely young English woman came and rode her. Again she went superbly. She jumped up some banks and generally played around. They got on fantastically so tomorrow she heads off to her new home at Te Aroha. Quite appropriate name really.

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sally said...

I was reading your blog tonight and I so know what you mean about just wanting to go for a nice relaxing ride. Summer sounds like Trix .....a good ride .....with the odd frustrating moments whaich sometimes start to add up