Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And she's coughing again :(

Plans to start a decent exercise programme for Summer have come to a screaming halt. She was heard coughing in the paddock a few days ago. I tried to ignore it and pretend that it was a 'one off' but it wasn't :(
Took her for a brief ride a couple of days ago and she was having all sorts of problems with her breathing. Sounded like lots of fluid in her throat, difficulty in swallowing and then a good big cough to clear it all.
What a lousy time of the year too to get anything done about it.

So today we headed to the vet clinic in Hamilton to have her scoped. Time to see what the heck really is going on instead of just randomly trying different treatments.
Love our local vets but sometimes you just have to go to the guys who are dealing with these things on a regular basis.

I got to see in her throat and watch the larynx working. Fascinating stuff. She has all sorts of red nodules so must be in some real discomfort, poor girl.
At least now we know what we are dealing with. Definitely an allergy and no doubt something we will have to face every year from now on.

We have settled on Preddy Granules in her feed at this point. Lots of different treatments available including Nebulisers for horses now.
I will be exploring some natural treatments but right now she needs to get better so we can get going. Seems this horse spends more time in the paddock than any others with all the niggly things that go wrong.

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KA said...

aaaaw poor Summer and poor mum! What about trying "itz magic" or however it's spelt. Supposed to work pretty well on that type of stuff (our local vet does a nod nod wink wink copy of it for 1/2 the price)