Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why........just WHY

Am I stupid or something. What the heck have I let myself in for this time.

And who the heck am I trying to kid (myself probably) that I am not bothered at all.

Next week, Miss Summer, aka Naibara Summer Gold, Blondie, The Barbie Pony and a whole host of other names is making her debut as a fund raising vehicle.

Until now I have pushed it to the back of my mind as there has been plenty of other things going on. Today however I have made the pink bandages and its becoming a reality.
Mild panic is setting in.

She is thankfully over her cough but is lacking in work thanks to the cough, weather and other things.

Touch wood she shapes up next week as she is not always know for her reliability.
She does have an uncanny knack though of knowing when its really, REALLY important that everything goes OK. I will have to have a few good chats with her this week and explain how important this is.
Whether she listens though...............

Right now I am really missing Gus.

Took the Chev for its insurance assessment today. Was again told how lucky I was that its a good solid piece of machinery.
Its going to be out of commission for 4 - 5 days though to get everything back where it belongs. On closer inspection there is more damage than first noticed.


sally said...

Hope you got the chev fixed ok did the eye assessment go?. I would love to ditch my contacts ....had the eye surgery assessment too. It was just out of my price range at the time. Hope it all goes to plan. You wont know yourself!

and this is Summer said...

Hi Sally, The assessment was great. I will be glasses free by the end of October. I looked into it a few years back and just didn't have the money. I think its a bit cheaper now though.