Sunday, October 4, 2009

Enough of the rain already

Early yesterday morning a neighbour rang to say the contents of one of the swamps from higher up the farm was across the road in front of his place. We had heard the rain but there must have been a lot more higher up than we got at home.
Amazingly the damage is relatively little considering the amount of water, mud and rocks that have travelled down stream.

It went under 2 fences but wrecked the third.

The day was quite pleasant and mild. Wet but mild so we took Summer & Trapper for a short ride around.
I wanted to try the saddle that I had an accident to get. I would have been gutted if it didn't fit or something.
Luckily its a pretty good fit which is amazing considering how difficult Summer is. It does have an Arabian tree in it though and I think thats the key.

Today we went into town early for the practice run. Apart from an 'oh shit' moment when I first got on (she is still a bit girthy at times) where she did her usual shooting off in all directions at once, the morning was all fairly 'low key'.
There wasn't too much traffic around but enough for her to get the feel of things. We did a set of traffic lights and stood for a while on the island at the busy round about outside "The Base" while waiting to get across the road.
All without a problem. Even a cruise around the shops at "The Base" where cars had Headlights on etc (It was raining) never caused any problems.
Friday will be a bit different. More trucks and a lot of noise from the buildings in the industrial area.
I think she is going to be OK though. She is a lot more patient than Gus and given time she might just get to be as good as Mr Reliable.

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