Friday, October 9, 2009

Pink Ribbon Day 2009

Here's Summer looking pretty in pink! It was already drizzling with rain when we arrived at Te Rapa this morning.

People in that area are great and really respond to the horses. They are generous with their money and just seem so much more relaxed.
It was a bit hard to get photo's though so when I spotted this mirrored glass, I just had to have a go!

Aren't these two just awesome!. Shadow is our Rock and without him and Jan I don't think I would have ever attempted anything like this..............EVER.
We headed up Te Rapa Straight a short bit in the afternoon but it was getting too wet and cold so we decided to pack it in at that point.
Summer was totally engrossed in the beeping noise from the crossing.
A good day was had I think and have just hear that we picked up $500.50 which considering the short time we were out is just fabulous.

And I totally love my good wee pony.

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