Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nothing is ever straightforward, is it?

We have had one of the wettest weeks in a very long time. In an effort to keep the ground dry where the Marquee needed to go, Charlie spread out one of the truck Tarpaulins. Not sure if if made much difference really but it felt like we were trying.

But the weather cleared long enough to get it up. And then it rained all night again. Not enough to dampen our spirits though and we had a great night celebrating Charlie's birthday!

Lots of friends and family, plenty of stories, good food and of course lots of alcohol flowed.
Jonas was great on the BBQ with Steven.

We had a great ride on the horses on the Sunday morning. Ellen was brilliant with Trapper as I knew she would be. He was fantastic. I was thrilled with him.

Since then though there has been lots of cleaning up and of course this morning I had my assessment for the laser eye surgery. All going to plan I will be glasses free by the end of October. Its going to be very strange.

Today I had my first ever car accident. Thankfully it wasn't too serious but like all accidents I guess it could have been a lot worse. The car that hit me is a bit of a mess but I was in the Chev thankfully and it has a bit of a dented bumper. Well thats all thats visable. We will get it checked to make sure nothing is out of alignment of course.

So life continues to throw things at me. Sometimes I want to just hide away but that wouldn't be living. Have booked in to go to Matakana Island at the end of November and I plan to ride Trapper.

Summer has a funny sort of a cough. Have started her on Virex to see if I can get it shifted. It's frustrating as I would like to get out riding a bit more but want her to be right of course.

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