Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What a week

and its not even half way through yet.

My cousin who I have not seen since we were teenagers has e mailed. Its really awesome and something I should have done years ago.
I guess I just (wrongly) assumed she had her own life. We used to get updates when her mum would visit our grandmother but that was about it really.

We have this birthday happening on Saturday. Its probably going to rain for the rest of the week, Thats all we need. Still plenty to do as well.
I have a defrosting 4.5 kg Turkey in the fridge and a non functioning oven........Great!
Anyone ever crockpotted a Turkey before?

I am taking 2 horses fro a re check with the Chiro on Friday morning. Not that I can really afford the time it will take but I need to know that they are OK.
Still not sure how I feel about the whole practice but others experiences are mostly all good ones so who am I too judge. Till I work it out in my head I will stick with it but will keep an open mind.
The horses definitely show marked improvements and thats what counts.

Gus left today. Not sure how I feel about that either. It's not like he hasn't left before (I lent him to Don) and it almost feels like that again. But he's not coming back this time. he is not mine anymore and that is hard to get my head around right now.

And just to add to the mix we have 3 dogs spending the night in the vet clinic. 2 have been stitched up and the 3rd one will be tomorrow morning.
They had an altercation with a big, angry wild pig. Same one they have come across before very briefly before they were pulled off.
This time though the 2 old dogs, Chip the Huntaway and Fish the Heading Dog did their best and have suffered for it. Chip was almost in shock when he got to the clinic but seems stable now. These 2 have been the mainstays of the working dogs for too long now and they are both very precious to us. As is Kim the young Huntaway who also tried to help out. Her would wasn't found till she started limping this afternoon. The hole she has in her girth area is huge. Shit these dogs are tough. She will be fine. Hopefully the other 2 will come through and recover well.

I had hoped to take Trapper for a ride with Steph today but it wasn't meant to be. I had a brief ride around the yards tonight but the wind was blowing, Frank was broncing and racing around the paddock beside me, the pig was oinking and the 3 tractors and other associated machinery working over the road made for plenty of distractions. Not ideal really but we had a short ride and I got off before anything went wrong.

Jan & Shadow are staying for the weekend so Trapper is going for a big walk on Sunday. Ellen should be here still then so I will get her up on him again and I will take Madam.

Oh and I nearly forgot. After breaking my glasses again, and having to go to town after work on Monday to get them repaired, I have booked myself in for an assessment for laser eye surgery.
I am almost excited. Fingers X'd for the most desirable outcome.

So thats the week so far

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