Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gus is still here...........

Poor Sally is frustrated. She finally bought herself a horse and now the transport company seem to be mucking her around. Hopefully it's soon though!

I've ridden Trapper 3 times this week in the big grass yard and he is pretty good but a bit reluctant to get going at times.
I did some work on the ground with him and introduced a whip. Not such a great reaction. The man who broke him in did tell me they had been quite tough on him as they thought he needed it and it seems it has made him very aware of the whip.
A little tap on my own leg with it while riding was enough to get a go forward movement. Poor boy was very wary of it.

Anyway, as Gus was still here today, I suggested we take Trapper for a ride around one of the smaller paddocks. Its about 30 acres though with lots of scope for things to go wrong.
Charlie rode Gus bareback in his halter, (I'm gonna miss how easy that horse is) and me and Trapper cruised around behind him.

All was well thankfully apart from the sheep that decided to jump the creek just as we had passed it. A bit of a startled shoot forward and it was over again.

I'm liking him more every day.

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