Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just stuff

Gus is still here. Starting to wonder if he was really ever going to leave.
He's been paid for and the truck booked but they just haven't picked him up. Its putting a bit of pressure on as the main reason for selling him in the first place was to get the numbers down.

It's quite nice having him still and its not like he's any trouble but he's someone else's horse now and the longer he's here the harder it gets to say bye.

Frank was gelded last week. No more procrastinating, its done. He has been a box of birds till yesterday. You wouldn't have known anything had happened but noticed him standing around looking miserable. He had some swelling so instead of walking the dog I took little Frank along. Need to get him moving. He is better today and I changed the boys paddock tonight so they would go for a blat. Frank wasn't keen but he did move around.

Miss Summer has had a strange sort of cough. We have decided it might be a seasonal related thing as its only in the early morning or late evening/night that we are noticing it.
Have taken her on a couple of rides this week and she did one very small cough and thats been it.
Still it's made me panic slightly as without Gus, if she got sick I wouldn't have anything to ride, so Trapper got dragged out of the paddock tonight for a make over session and a ride.

The 5 pm traffic going past must have wondered what the heck was going on here though.
Saddled Trapper, who hasn't been ridden for a few weeks now. Lead him in a circle and went to tighten his girth and the next minute he is flying backwards. And far out can he back up at speed!!!
Eventually I had to let go and he proceeded to bronc his way around our front paddock with Summer, Te A & Gus in hot pursuit thinking it was all a great game.

Charlie sat on the side of the trailer laughing his head off. It was a bit funny. After a couple of laps I caught him. It was not easy as the 3 others were getting ready to go again!

He was his usual relaxed, easy going self to ride thank goodness. Loving that little ginga more each day.

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