Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yet another of my stupid ideas

It seemed like a good idea at the time..........doesn't it always?

It;s Charlies Birthday in 2 weeks time and I thought, as its one of the more significant numbers, that we should have a party.

Lets have everyone at home I suggest, far nicer than a big impersonal space like a community hall.
But of course we can have the place ship shape in time. Of course it will stop raining and we can get everything looking good and the ground where the Marquee will go will be dry.
And then of course there is the house that needs cleaning, but that won't be a problem, will it.

So like I have said before somewhere. If I ever suggest something so stupid, somebody slap me cause you didn't this time.

We spent nearly the entire day cleaning the house today. What a waste of a day. It wasn't even raining that much outside.
But its starting to come together, (she says with false confidence) and people are all RSVP ing and its looking like being a whole heap of fun.

The Jukebox (well thats what they call it) is booked. It has 4000 songs so that should keep everyone happy instead of my limited CD collection.
The food is still a work in progress but I'm sure all will be right on the night aye.
The spare room is looking like a corner store with all the goods stored in it. Going to have to shift that lot soon so I can sort the room for the more senior guests to stay in.

Tomorrow C's going pig hunting and I'm taking Summ & meeting Jan for a ride. Please let it be fine tomorrow.


sally said...

I hope you get all organised for the party the pictures of the horses, especially the one of all 3 horses together. Your Summer sounds so like Trix its not funny. I too have been having a nightmare of a time. All spring grass and high jinks. Am beginning to think I sold the wrong horse!!!

and this is Summer said...

Hi Sally, Isn't spring wonderful! LOL. The best thing about blogging is that I find out other people have the same experiences. It's nice to know your not alone ;-)