Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday afternoon going's on

Summer discovered the gate had been left open. Never one to miss a chance she headed straight to the molasses wheel.
Charlie went down on the bike and she knew she wasn't meant to be there so headed for home in a hurry.
I was wandering around with the camera amazingly and managed to actually get photo's for a change of them all in full flight!
Gus is no speedster thats for sure but the photo below shows his true breeding.

Madam trying to be clever and showing off the molasses on her nose.

And a cute shot of the 3 of them.

And here is Friday who was posing nicely in the sun till the 3 hoons came home in a big hurry.

So the big news today is that Gus is off to live in Hawkes Bay with Sally who tried him out yesterday.
It sounds like a wonderful home and she has promised to keep in touch. While Gus is still here it doesn't seem quite real just yet.

I have started to pack his bags for him. Sally was very taken with the photo's of Gus wearing his personalised Daffodil Day saddle cloth and has asked to have it. And being a wise person she has also asked for his Parelli Hackamore which is is so much happier in than a normal bridle.

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