Saturday, October 31, 2009

Laser Eye Surgery

A few people have asked "what is it like" so I will give a run down of how it was for me.

One thing I must say is that I did not really need the phone call I got from my mother the night before telling me how incredibly brave she thought I was!
Up till that point I had managed to keep most thoughts pushed to the back of my mind.

I can now see the world without glasses. It is rather strange after over 20 yrs of wearing them. I still go to take them off before having a shower, and have even attempted to push them up my nose even though they aren't there.
Another oddity I am finding is that you need to take off your sunglasses to be able to see better.
In the past all sunglasses too were prescription and I could see better with them on than without...........even inside.

My eyes poured rivers of tears the first day. One eye worse than the other because the flap has moved slightly and has a rough edge so it caused some more irritation than normal.
I have another check up on Tues and they will re float it if it hasn't settled properly.
Its not as sore now but still slightly scratchy feeling especially compared to the other eye which is amazingly pain free!
But I have 20/20 vision now so things can't be too bad!

Most of what I personally am finding harder to adjust too is that everything is just ever so very slightly further away. Obviously something my prescription glasses did was bring everything up closer. I remember having to be careful on stairs etc when I first ever got them and now its taking some time too adjust again.
The thought of driving the car is terrifying me just now. I might go and have a drive around the paddock before venturing onto the road.
Just till I get this distance thing sorted a bit more. The egg I went to slide onto a plate last night somehow made it onto the floor....oops!

I took some photo's of my eyes as they were a bit hideous looking. Blood red rings etc but even looking at them on the computer monitor made my eyes water so I won't subject you all to that.

So is it worth it? Of course. How amazing that immediately you can see perfectly. But a word of warning to anyone who decides to go ahead.
Watch out for the sleeping tablets thet give you. The dreams I had for 2 nights, while not scary, were the weirdest dreams I can ever remember having. I am not even going to say what happened in them (and yes I can remember) as it was all so bizarre!

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