Monday, November 2, 2009

November already?!?!?!?

Its actually been another fine- ish weekend here which was nice. Apart from the wind which picked up during the morning till it became extremely cold again during the afternoons. Nice to not have rain though.

Charlie has been spending a bit more time with his horse this week. In 2 weeks time she is supposed to be heading out on her first trek with a group.
Lets just say a heck of a lot of riding is going to have to happen in the next 2 weeks!!!!!
She can be quite reactive and sensitive. Her short lived career as a Rodeo bronc which even though it was not successful (or she'd still be there) has certainly had a big affect on her.
Still so much better and more trusting than a few months back.

She is as round as she is wide nearly at the moment. Not easy to ride like that !

But yesterday she finally had her first ride out in the paddock. All went well till she decided she was a bit far from home. Wasn't helped by her mates calling out!. She tucks herself up like a tight spring, but nothing happens. She seems to almost frighten herself. But she also comes across as waiting to be given a hiding.

She did well though but needed me to just walk around a bit with her. Thats fine, she is just young and if thats all it takes well thats no problem. Hopefully tonight we will take her for a proper ride and I will ride Summ instead of walking.
She was looking very pleased with herself!!

Summer wanted some attention and made sure she got it by pulling all sorts of funny faces.

Happy now though to have my full attention

And just because she is so cute. Here's Taxi waiting patiently

Been playing with some camera settings and tired a few close ups of things in the garden. Here's a cople of the best.

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KA said...

looking good!!! (she does look rather round LOL) I can't believe you have strawberries already! and the eyes are obviously working well enough to man the camera so good stuff on that front too!!!