Sunday, October 25, 2009

Labour weekend - riding at home

Trapper was fitted for his first pair of front shoes on Friday afternoon. Still not sure on how to tackle the back leg that gives him some trouble.
Hopefully as he gets stronger etc it will be easier for him. He has come such a long way in a very short time and hopefully that progresses.
Saturday a few people came out for a ride. It was a stunning day! The wind got up a bit in the afternoon but no where near as bad as what it has been or can be.

We had a lunch break at the middle yards.

The horses were able to have a nice break too.
Trapper & Shadow (how sad that I have twice now typed Gus & Shadow) looking cute.
Charlie took this photo of us all. Left to right is Debbie, Jan Me Hannah, Susan and Steph
This shot below is taken out the back looking down onto Aotea Harbour.
Mt Pirongia

Trapper was wonderful. I was very nervous starting out as always. Very green horse and a group of horse that I didn't know too well but he did so very well.
It was a big walk for a youngster, but after seeing the way he galloped down the paddock an hour after he was let go, it can't have been too bad.
Jan & I had a nice ride again this morning. I took Summer out and was very happy that she never coughed once and seemed to be breathing much easier. Am hoping like crazy that she is over the worst and life can return to normal.

Then this afternoon we have been at Dean's taking photo's of some of the new Gisborne bred horses.
Look out for them on Trade Me soon. There are as always some very nice ponies and horses.

And just because it appealed to me.

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