Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ups and downs, as always

Frustration is setting in.

Summer is coughing again. Fairly sure now its allergy related as is is noticeably worse on windy days.
So no riding for her for a while. The vet has prescribed a long acting steroid for her and we will see if it has any affect.
It is what she was given a couple of years ago after a bad reaction to some sort of insect attack and it certainly helped then.Fingers are X'd tightly.
Steroids of course are not the ultimate answer and I am going to have to look into alternatives. She has a nose guard on today after it was suggested. Only one thats used for sun protection but this afternoon when I took it off for her to eat her feed, I couldn't help but notice there was no nasel discharge.
She has had a very slight, clear discharge for a while now. I guess time will tell again.

So we missed out on a ride yesterday and todays HORSE Club one was postponed again too. The weather is awful, I have a cold and very annoying cough myself so probably not a bad thing that I didn't get to go riding. Concentrations levels are all over the place as well right now.

A "Higher Power" (whatever/whoever that might be) has intervened in a good way for us this week.
The boundary pushing teenager seems to have been getting into more than his usual share of strife and all the talking too's from his mother have gone nowhere.

But now he has a cast on his right arm and a removable back slab thing on his left arm! The left one was close to being in a cast as well but for reasons of hygiene it was decided to make it removable.
A whole weekend at home with mum & dad and not going anywhere in his car for quite a while yet.

So whoever you are, thank you for doing what I wasn't able too.

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