Thursday, August 13, 2009

Weaning Frank

As I took Summer from the paddock yesterday, Frank decided he just couldn't be parted from her again, and was getting himself quite wound up galloping around. The past few days I have been taking Summ to the beach.
Old Cliffie is still there with him but he is a complete love sick fool and always has to have a horse with him or he frets something chronic.

When we arrived home (and I only nearly fell off once so have made some progress there) Frank had been locked in the yard. Apparently his antics got to the stage where Charlie though he might seriously try to jump the fence.

So I have moved everyone around. The 3 boys are now grazing together and the 2 girls are separate.
The girls are happily off grazing (they can be real bitches like that) and we have 3 desperate geldings hanging over the gate desperate to get back with their mates.
When the girls disappear from sight, the geldings tear off round the corner for a better view. When I go out the back door, Frank screams at me and Cliffie calls pitifully. Trapper who is with them is wondering what the fuss is about. He is watching for Te A, who was his mate but isn't as upset as the other 2. Pathetic.

Shane (vet) confirmed Summer that what is on Summer's neck is more than likely a Sarcoid. They don't like to commit without lab tests of course. So I am going to try the treatment he has recommended which will involve treatment every day for about 8 weeks.
And if that doesn't work (never any guarantee's of course) I will try the herbal options.
I also had him look at Trapper's scarring. He seems to think it's as good as it's ever likely to get.

He will have a patch very similar to the once Gus has I guess, only its much larger and doesn't look to flash :(

Have registered for the Kaimanawa Trek. Yay! Costs have increased though and I guess thats to be expected. Will be seriously considering every ride this year as with the 2 of us going its a lot more money to find. When I went with a friend to some rides, and could shares costs, it was of course much easier.

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