Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Aarrgghh the wind :(

It finally stopped raining and now the horrible wind is driving me nuts. You would think I am hard to please or something ;-)

Summ & I went to the beach again this morning. She is getting used to being the lead horse and is settling to it .........................slightly.
She did give the wee Kaimanawa pony some leads over washed up logs on the beach today. At the walk of course so she could just step over them, LOL.
And she even went into the water, slightly easier than she did last week.
I only nearly came off about 3 times today LOL. Crossing fingers and toes that I haven't just jinxed that.

We saw one of the biggest Starfish I think I have ever seen. Didn't have a camera today...of course.

So we are going back again tomorrow morning. We should have it completely sussed you would think. But knowing Summer, the next time will be just like the first.

The vet is coming tomorrow to look at the sarcoid (thats what we think it is) she has on her neck. She's rubbed it again and it seems to be getting quite a lot bigger than it was.

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