Sunday, August 2, 2009

Road riding and more learning

So on Friday Summ & I went riding with Nicola and Toi Toi.
Another learning experience for me.

We hacked around the very quiet roads in her area for a couple of hours. Summer picked up very quicky that Toi Toi is young and green and sometimes she is a wee bit unsure of things. Apparently that means that she too doesn't have to go when she doesn't want too. And cross a bridge????? You have to be kidding right???? She might have crossed many bridges already but why the heck should she when the other one isn't too keen. How very embarrassing to have a young and very green 4 yr old lead my madam, with more experience than many her age, over bridges and past trucks.

So from now on we go riding with a whip........or spurs. I haven't quite decided which yet but next time she does her 'throw it into reverse in the middle of the road act' she will be getting a very strong reminder of which direction she is meant to be going!

After thinking about it all weekend I realised that until now, she has really only gone out with more experienced horses and obviously is getting the lead from them without me realising just how much. Time for change, me thinks.

And yesterday it rained. Boy did it rain!
It poured. Very damaging, heavy stuff on already waterlogged ground. Not a good mix. It was also the 1st of August. Happy Birthday to all our equine friends and my Dad too.

Today was fine enough for Charlie to ride Te A for a while in the yards again. She is quite settled when moving forward but as soon as asked to halt, which she does well, her head is up in the air and she has quite a worried look in her eyes. Not sure what thats all about but everything else about her is coming along really well.

And then we had a surprise visit from my wonderful sister in law who happens to be a lovely rider. So I had her ride Trapper for me so I could get a chance to watch him.
Ellen is great and had him going out in the paddock and even a bit of trotting. Such a good boy.
Just a matter of getting some mileage into him too now.

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