Thursday, August 6, 2009

Do I? Don't I? or Will I? Won't I?

I am torn sometimes between the old horsey life I remember.....and the one I have now.

This trekking lark is all consuming and I love it but I was given a taste of some dressage schooling again recently and have remembered just what a big part of my life it was and just how much I also enjoyed that.

The lack of any flat land makes for interesting work but it certainly makes you work on rhythm.
But how far do you go with it?
I read different comments on how much entry fees are costing and think to myself how one dressage test and a ground fee is equal to a one day fund raising ride somewhere.
If I had to choose.............the day riding somewhere new will win over every time.

But then I love to watch my pretty pony doing beautiful things. And I like to ride a well schooled horse. Not that any of the ones we have here fit into that presently.

So do I keep on trying, or just go completely over to the dark side.
We are already treeless, and I know Summ is much happier in her halter than the bridle so I guess that makes her bitless. And so is Gus and of course Trapper has never really ever had a bit in his mouth. All I have to do is get rid of the shoes and we are pretty much there!

And while I am putting down my lack of decision making in words, that brings me to what to do over Frank.
He is adorable, but is also going to be a big lad. I guess he needs to be gelded soon but I have a soft spot for 'Li'l Frank' and find it hard to make that phone call. Not something thats worried me in the past at all.
I know that, left as a stallion, no matter how well behaved or quiet he may be, he still won't be welcomed in a lot of the places we would go. And of course he is going too.
Although he is going to have to learn to kneel down for me to get on, or else I am going to need to devise a rope ladder to hang off the front of the saddle.
I guess the day he turns into a bolshy boy will be the day I find it easy to make that phone call.

Yesterday I had a job interview. Looked like a great opportunity to me, and something that would suit me well.
And then today I agreed to do something else altogether. Not as exciting but more consistent work and its flexible which fits in with life in general.

So thats me. All of a dither and struggling to make a proper decision.


sally said...

I have been reading your post tonight with interest....I feel like I am in the same boat with riding. Last summer I did my first two shows ever(never did it as a kid or in later life until now).The decision is do I put myself under pressure to do more this summer or do I just jump at that opportunity to go to new places where the scenery around the corner is a total surprise. I reach the conclusion that the day its all not enjoyable is the day I change things.So I'd say have a go at a bit of learn a bit of fine tuning that improves your horses for out hacking ....and then you can get dressed up and go have a laugh at a dressage day. Who knnows a ribbon might come home too. Have fun

and this is Summer said...

That is so very right Sally. The day we don't enjoy what we do for pleasure is the day we need to review it all. Thanks for reminding me of that.