Friday, July 31, 2009

Just making notes again

Bit of a boring post as it's just notes more than anything.

I managed 3 rides in a row on Trapper before the weather packed it in again. We made it out into the grass yard as well as a short time in the front paddock. He is so relaxed about everything. I hope I don't jink it :(
He really now needs the likes of Gus to take him walking a bit further from home. As soon as the weather settles again I will try to organise it.

Charlie rode Te A twice as well. She was a bit concerned but tried her best and also did nothing wrong. Her time with the rodeo has made her a bit wary but she is way more trusting now than she was even a month ago.

So onwards and upwards from here. There are signs of spring everywhere, including the weather! More rain but it is noticeable warmer and the animals are up to all sorts of antics.
Frank does very impressive handstand bucks and is challenging Summer to races most days.
Trapper is very cheeky and gets in Te A's way, blocking her movement much like a foal does.
He also nips her in the flanks and around the leg to try to get her going. She is pretty lazy though and just ignores most of it.

Off for a ride this morning. I hope the rain stays away and the wind holds off till later. Maybe some photo's then.

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