Thursday, July 2, 2009

Winter Blues

I am sure I have made it loud and clear to practically everyone, just how much I dislike winter.

Sure I love living on this farm but one thing I dislike about it, is the wind. I so envy people who can go out and have a nice ride around in an arena or something similar without having to get dressed as though your were going on an arctic adventure.
Once you leave the house, everywhere is up and the more up you go, the more wind of course.

But I am getting to do some much needed cleaning.................................of horse gear of course!

The ponies are all good. Gus is happier than he's been in quite some time and enjoying the massive amounts of apples he's getting thanks to the kind offer of another horse person I know.

Trapper is a little mud bug and loving the wet. He is one who manages to grind it into places you wouldn't think possible.

Gus is heading off tomorrow to have a spell as a life style block dweller. He is going to help regain another persons confidence. Of course he is more than up to that task.

He will enjoy all the luxuries of loose boxes and covered areas to get groomed in, as well as a house right by your paddock with people that are always prepared to offer you something nice to eat. And its flat land. Not a hill in sight.

Personally I am a bit worried he might like it a bit too much and not want to come home!

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sally said...

I'm totally with you in your thought about winter. It does get a bit depressing. But just think the shortest day has past and the days from now on only get longer and closer to summer .Yaaaayyyyyy....and you 'll have clean gear when it arrives!