Sunday, July 5, 2009

Its still wet and miserable

but at least today is reasonably warm for a change. Lots of water laying on the ground however makes for a very slippery surface.

It sounds like Gus is settling in and making himself at home. Hopefully today brings around enough fine spells for Lyn to actually get on him and have a ride. Thats what he's there for after all. I am sure she will fall for his charm.

Jan is getting the required permission for us to take the horses into town again for Daffodil Day which is something to look forward too.
When we do the training days I am going to get a rider for Gus so I can take Summer along. Even if I just lead her up and down, it will be a start and give me an idea if she is ever going to cope with that environment.
I don't expect her to be doing anything like what Gus and Shadow do for a few years yet but if its possible, the training has to start soon.

Trapper's leg is locking quite a bit more than I ever seen since he's been here. Not sure if thats weather related or that I've changed the paddock he's grazing in.
Whatever, I have decided to take him to an experience equine vet this week. Armed with Kylee's images I will get him assessed to see if he can tell us if this is injury related or just a stage of growth he's going through.
After some investigating it seems this may have been happening for a year now and not just as recent as his old owner told me.

And I have a puppy. I have missed having a dog go out on rides with me. Rocky just can't be trusted to not heel anything that moves quickly and Kiri just isn't brave enough.
So hopefully 'Taxi' is going to be a good riding buddy.
She is a bit thin and no doubt wormy so I will avoid taking any photo's till she is looking like she should. She is a happy, good natured and very friendly girl so no excuse why she won't be perfect.

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