Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fun in the SUN

Cold, cold frost this morning. It was very thick on the ground but the sun came out early and its been a beautiful day.

Summ & I went to Nic's place and had a really pleasant ride at her neighbour's dairy farm. A beautiful race leading all the way up to the edge of the Pirongia Forest park.

Nic was on her baby horse so Summ had to take the lead.........well lets say she was expected to take the lead, LOL. But she did well. A bit of nappy nonsense when we first set off but I was pretty pleased with her as there was a lot of stuff going on. A busy dairy farm with lots of machinery and barking dogs.

I want to work on doing some more of these very quiet rides on her. She is happy enough to go forward but gets excited easily and I want her to learn to go along nicely settled all the time.

Oh and the power is amazing! We Can actually have many things going all at once and not see the lights dim or hear the appliances droning as they struggle to work.
And the elements on the stove actually turn themselves on and off like they are meant too. Funny the things you get used to.

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