Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sleep over and a visit with Tommy

Gus and Cody had a sleepover on Friday night at Lynda's place.

Cody is stopping over there on the way to his new home and Gus was booked to see Tommy this morning.

Getting 4 horses all that way in a double float required a fair bit of driving and organising so the 2 easier ones got to stay the night.

Gus needed a few minor tweaks and is happy back home bossing everyone around.

Cody's new owner had organised for him to be checked out and just as well as the poor dude was very sore just above his tail. Back legs nearly touching the front ones when getting checked.

The big coloured mare with her history of bucking was the least sore. Again a bit of minor tweaking. So no excuse now.
We haven't bothered to push her at all till we knew that she was fine. No excuses now so when the weather improves (again) we will get a saddle on her and start riding.

Dear little Ricket though was in a bit of a mess.
Out in the neck. Hip out as well as another place in his hind quarters. Interestingly the hip he was out in is on the side that his stifle locks. Hopefully that is going to settle that down now.
Tommy was very complimentary about him afterwards and commented on how athletic his is. He seems to think he is capable of doing great things.
I just want to have him to enjoy so any great things won't be coming from me.

When I made my second trip back I watched another horse being examined. He too had a hip out.
Tommy asked the owner what he was like to shoe behind.
She said they have a bit of trouble as he has a stifle that locks. Interesting coincidence........

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