Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tragic news and broken promises

I am going to copy and paste from a message board as it says everything. All the italics are my postings. Everything else is quoted from message boards.

36 Kaimanawa Horses Slaughtered By Charity!

Elemental Wild Horse Sanctuary slaughtered ALL of their 36 horses last week rather than accept offers of assistance from other Kaimanawa groups. They seriously misrepresented themselves, their situation & their intentions in order to secure the horses in the first place & then less than 12 months later, after losing their grazing, sent all their horses to an abattoir (including foals) rather than take up an offer of grazing for them. Their website & blog is still active, expounding the virtues of their work & pleading for donations & sponsorship of horses which are all now dead. Please do not make any further donations to these people!

You can read more here on another message board

I can't get that link right but once the page opens you will need to put the number 117734 into the empty "Talk No" box and click search. It will take you to the thread.

"Several of these horses were ones that KWHWT had taken care of from the muster. The gorgeous little Sahara who had gone down in the truck & been trampled, wee Griffen who walked straight off the truck & right up to the humans to grab some hay, the beautiful Jolie...It's all just too devastating for words.."

If you want to know more about helping the Kaimanawa horses please click the link below. Its also nearly muster time again and homes are required. Even if you can't offer a home a donattion to them would be used wisely. They are a trusted organisation.

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