Friday, May 8, 2009

Horses without histories...........and 2 sides to a story

Ricket (ginga pony) and Te A (big coloured mare) and of course Cody came to us with little to no history.
Probably not the ideal way to acquire a horse, but when it feels right....................

Cody's history arrived via a message boardie who recognized his photo.
He will be rehomed at some point. Well that was the plan but Charlie is now calling Cody, his horse. Whatever happens he is here for the winter.

Te A has a very obvious brand on her hip that I was sure I knew. A phone call to the brand owner (her breeder) and she was able to confirm the few sketchy details we had, as well as confirming that she has been fully broken in and did have a fair bit of riding before she ended up in a place she never should have been.
She should make Charlie a great hack as well as being a spare for me if the need arises.

And then last night I was informed of Ricket's missing gaps too.
I have been working with him the past couple of days and a few things he does lead me to think that someone has done a lot more work with him that I was told.
It seems he too has been fully broken in. Unfortunately he was probably not ready for it, but the owner insisted it seems.
His stifle problem was apparent then and not just the day before we went to see him. Still, I am not bothered by that and will continue with my plan to get him right.
He has improved a lot and while it is locking on occasions it most certainly isn't to the extent that it was the day we saw him.
I hope he comes right as I am quite fond of him He is just cheeky enoughto be fun.

And luckily my wonderful sister in law is a super rider and has just done a 4 day course with the person who started Ricket under saddle. I will enlist her help to get him going again as braveness is not my strong point!

So they are both going to see the fabulous Tommy B before we do too much more with them both. And Ricket may need some other treatments as well if that doesn't sort him properly.

I like it when all the gaps are filled in.

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