Monday, May 4, 2009


This is Cody (the thin one who followed me home a few months ago)He is out at a block we graze close to the beach. Its a beautiful warm spot with heaps of bird life.

If you click on these photo's they should enlarge and you can see the cheeky birds that are often seen sitting on the horses back.

Its nice to see Cody showing more real signs of life. He has been a very quiet boy and hardly stopped eating. In the past month though he has stacked on heaps of weight. He still has a long way to go though.

Still its great to see him happy and playing like a young horse should!

Yesterday we took Gus out there and bought home Ricket. Hopefully Gus too will pack on lots of weight as the other 2 have done. There are no other horses anywhere near them and Gus gets on well with Cody. He even ate his feed tonight beside him without getting himself in a state like he does at home. He wasn't too happy though when I drove away tonight after feeding them. Big head roll's. Made me feel bad but we think its in his best interests.

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sally said...

Oh wow you can really see a change in Cody. What lucky horses to have such a nice Mum