Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's not been the greatest day in history

I got knocked over tonight. In the cattle yards. Not the softest of places to land and also filled with mud and crap from all the cattle work thats gone on it the past 2 days.

Funny as I was warned a few days ago by Ricket's breaker that he had some serious respect issues when he had first arrived at their place, and had even put them out of the yard a couple of times until he had learned that it wasn't acceptable to chase people.

Anyway I guess it was a reminder to me, as young Frank is a bit too familiar with people and unless we start being a bit firmer with him, he too could be a bit of a problem later on.

An interesting thing happened after though. I did some, keep away till you've been asked work, with Ricket and then left him tied up for a short time. He has been quite tricky about having his legs handled and cover straps done up. I decided to run a stick up and down his legs a few times but his response was totally different to 15 minutes earlier. It was all "yes mum, no mum" type responses instead of the leg waves and threats we usually get.
So I have been way too soft with him I suspect. Time to treat him more like a grown up.

Also tonight, they have turned off the machines sustaining the life of a family member. His body is shutting down, organ by organ. He has had a lot of seizures and is no longer responding.
It seems he is not going to make a Superman like recovery as he has done before.

He will be preparing to keep an eye on all the horses that he will again be able to enjoy. Shaggy manes, and good saddle broncs will reign supreme with his help.

Please whoever makes these decisions, don't let him linger too long. If he has to go, let it be soon. He doesn't need to suffer any longer.

And if anyone does actually read this far down the page.

Remember that the last time you saw someone important to you...................may actually be the last time you see them.

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