Thursday, May 14, 2009

I started to write all this stuff down

and then deleted it. Whats someones potential death got to do with "Horse's friends and fun"??

But Chris was/ is (gee its confusing) totally horse mad. He was at his best surrounded by friends and boy did he like to have fun.

And I am just someone who needs to write things down.

His status is that he has been moved to a ward. His mother and sister are with him and he is waiting to go.
Go where????????????????????????????????????????????????????

If he is going to pull out of this, and its not likely although we would all like history to repeat itself. We never thought he was coming home before either...
But I guess if he has to go, why can't it be soon. Why do they have to put people through the trauma of waiting.
His poor old mum who is not a well woman, is sitting by his side.........waiting. For what?

You know, sometimes life really sucks.

On the equine front. We had a discussion this morning over the horses weights. I want to worm them with a different product and needed to work out how much to get.
Charlie still works on pounds and when it comes to cattle and sheep is pretty well spot on when they play the guess the weight game.

Me? I just work off the conversations I have had with vets when working out dosage rates for antibiotics etc.

So today I decided to buy a weight tape. This afternoon 5 ponies had their waistlines measured. We were both wrong but I was more right than Charlie was!
Been an interesting exercises, but it does mean I am going to have to order more drench...... I went with Charlie's weights which were way lower than mine.

Just as well I've been worming them on my own estimations all these years as I have been over estimating and his would have been way too low.

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sally said...

sorry to hear about not so great things in your ask a valid point What does death have to do with horses, friends and fun?. Quite alot I guess. Its a wake up call to keep up with our riding and appreciate the time with our favourite animals. We dont last forever so its got to be lots of fun with friends on our horses!!!!.