Saturday, May 23, 2009

Grump, grump, grump

Thats all I seem to be doing lately. I really don't like winter time and the weather the past few weeks has been hideous.
And its not even officially winter for another week yet :(

I spent Thursday when it was actually fine for a change out taking photo's of horses. One day I might actually get good at it.

It was nice to spend time with Miami. She is looking great and Susan has done some work with her.

She is still for sale though. Part of me wants to keep her as I can see she will be worth some money in time and the other part of me says she may as well be sold.

Susan who owns half of her thinks the same I suspect. She also wants to buy another pony now and Miami is taking up space that she now needs.

Anyone want to buy a half share in a very cute pony???????

After Susan's I went on to Deans and saw some of his more recent arrivals. I am gobsmacked by how many horses there are in this country.

The horses at home are all just getting feeds and thats about it. Have today finished the 5 day Panacur program of worming them. Somehow I think I was hoping it might help Gus.

His behavior continues to cause me concern. Its so erratic. For one who was very much into passive forms of discipline his occasional aggressive outburst take me totally by surprise.
This afternoon he absolutely flew for Cody and was hanging off his rump despite my attempts to stop him.
Yesterday I watched Cody wander off to pee. Gus watched him, barely waited till he had finished before pushing him out of the way and peeing in the same spot.
I don't think I have ever seen a gelding do something like that.

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