Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Geegee photography

The lovely Kate Peddie from Geegee Photography sent through these photo's of the very gorgeous Frank.

Kate is a very talented young photographer and an all round nice person! Which is always a good thing.

We had to go to the funeral today. They are weird things really. Almost like family reunions .
And everyone says how bad it is that they only get together at weddings and funerals and how we must not wait for someone to die before we all have a big catch up.

For such a horsey family not many of the woman are that much into horses. I still feel like a spare part when among them. It feels like they have never been too sure of me.

Off to Susan's tomorrow to see Miami and to get some updated photo's for her advertisement. She really needs to be sold but I am not bothered either way. She is easy enough to have around and will be more valuable broken in and going under saddle if we still have her when that time is due.

And then I am over to Deans. He has more new arrivals to take pic's of so new ad's to place on TM.

Yay to be doing something nice and horsey again.

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