Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And about time too!

We have struggled along with a very below par power supply to our house for years now. In the past year though the aging lines have become very dangerous and are prone to fraying in the wind which then has meant that they often end up dangling on the ground!

The last time it happened (actually twice in 2 days) I did some jumping up and down about getting the lines upgraded.
Far out though, its hugely expensive. But its long overdue.

So we so far have new and quite a bit higher poles and some changes to the good pole beside the house.
In the next few days they string new wires, remove all the old ones and take out the old poles.
Most unusual to have Summer hanging around all day. But then she needs to watch all that goes on. Poor little Frank hid behind the tree most of the time. I think he has had a sheltered life. LOL That won't last long around here!

I walked the dogs down through the horse paddock this afternoon. Rocky is on his very long lead as he just isn't under very good control :(
Summer thought that was wonderful! I thought she would have been worried by the long lead, but no, it was all fun and games. I think she was plotting revenge on Rocky for stealing all her feed!

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