Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And all feels good again

What a beautiful afternoon!!!!!!!!!

The sun shone, the sky stayed blue and the wind stayed away.

I went out to the beach to check on the boys out there. That is such an amazing view. I doubt they appreciate it all that much though. Still plenty of grass and they were both just sleeping.

Had the covers off the ones at home and decided to have a ride on Summer. I haven't been on her since the last day of the trek. That's 9 1/2 weeks ago!
I actually haven't ridden since Easter weekend, Good Friday to be exact.

Summ was her usual, "let me do it all and lets do it now" self. A couple of naughty moments when her back went up and she threatened to produce something bad but thankfully it didn't come to much.
She just doesn't bother me the way she used too. Its taken a long time to get to that but I think finally I have made it.

Its amazing how a sunny afternoon and a ride on your favourite Yellow pony can make it seem like all is good with the world again.

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