Saturday, April 4, 2009

Time for a catch up

Last weekend "Horse" sold to Poronui Station. Three lovely woman came up and rode him and then took him home.
I hope he gives them years of pleasure and fun. He is a lovely boy but way to big for me to even think about riding and Charlie hasn't ridden him since the trek at Waiouru. So selling him on seemed to be a good idea. Lets hope it was the right one for us as well as them.

Gus is continuing to cause concern. I am going to talk to the vets this week and get them to review the blood work he had done last year in Oct & Nov. Not sure what else to do and patience is not my strong point when when of the ponies is not well.

And of course Summer is still not right. Whatever those damned blister looking things are, I do not know but they certainly are persistent. It could be time to talk to the vet about them again too or am I just being impatient over that as well?????

Ricket is just lovely. Very sweet and gentle. In my opinion though he is only 3 yrs old (birth date 28/12/05) and not rising 4 as advertised. So I don't think I want to be rushing out and doing too much work with him just yet. Plus his front feet aren't the flashest and I would like to seem them with some good healthy growth before we start loading them with my weight.

Tomorrow a new pony arrives. Yes another one. But that is the end of the collecting for some time. She is a lovely pinto mare that has a bit of a chequered past for one so very young. We are playing the naming game so watch this space over that one!

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