Sunday, April 5, 2009

Broken pony

Tonight I was advised of a terrible sounding injury to a friends very special horse.
It sounds like it could potentially be a career ending injury and that just doesn't bear thinking about so for now we won't.
He is one lucky horse to have a "mum" who will give him absolutely every possible chance and as long as it takes to see if he will return to form.
I am one of many people who have been privileged to feel like I have been a part of this wonderful horses life and I hope with all my heart that their journey has not been cut short.

The new pony (16 hh, 4 yr old mare) who still remains nameless is out in the paddock getting some grief from Gus. Even though she is a mare he has taken Summer off across the paddock and won't let the new mare get close at all.
Actually he is being a nasty old bully to her and she is too young and nice to tell him where to go. I am sure if one of them stood up to him he would pull his head in but just for now he has them all worried. They generally live together quite happily so I am sure he will settle down again. If not tomorrow I will split them up and Gus will have to get over himself.
I know he has the seniority but he is steadily getting grumpier. A sign maybe????????

And just because he likes to be part of everything here's a photo of Rocky.

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