Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So the new pony does actually have a name.

After some easy detective work (she has a brand on her near side hip) I have found out that she was bred at Warpaint Stud and is by Ruatoria Pache out of a TB mare called Lace. Her breeders named her Glory. She is 4 yrs old (D.O.B. 13/9/04)
Its nice to have her background confirmed.

I have spent some time with her over the past 2 days just going quietly and gaining some trust. She was apparently broken in at 18 mths of age and ridden for a while before bucking issues took over. We were aware of this so have plans to take her very slowly and probably won't attempt to ride her till we can get her seen to by a very good chiropractor.

Gus is quite perky again, long may it last and has stopped being quite such a bastard to Cliffie and the new pony. So funny tonight, he was in the process of herding them away and I happened to catch him in the act. When I yelled his name, he stopped, slowly turned to look at me with his head in the air, gave it a bit of a toss and walked away. LOL, he is such a character.

I also had a good long talk to our wonderful vet this afternoon while he was finishing surgery on a cat. You have to catch them when you can!
I now have a better understanding of just how frustrating "ill thrift" issues can be for them as well as the owners. I will keep up with the feed regime for a bit longer and see what happens.

And of course its virtually a year to the day that Gus arrived here to live with us. I will be forever grateful to Gilleen and Gus for the way they have changed my life :-)

Ricket and Cody have gone to the grazing block. They have grass to their elbows! I went to check them today and they were both very happy and content looking.

Poor Bowie, (the broken pony from the last post) is making some very small improvements. Come on Big Fella, you can do this.

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