Saturday, February 14, 2009

That Rollercoaster ride is still going on.........................

I should learn to trust my sixth sense a bit more. Not that I could have predicted today's turn of events.

We had organised to take Gus & Summer to the H.O.R.S.E. club ride today. Susan bravely took up my offer to ride Gus while Fozzie is lame.

All was going well, I thought! Gus was saddled and ready to go. Summer was saddled and ready to go. I was getting a cover out of the float to throw over the saddle to keep it dry as it was drizzling rain and we still had a bit of time to spare till we rode out.

Another truck pulled in the drive and Summer (who had been threatening to all morning) pulled back. I didn't see it and after hearing what happened I think I am glad I didn't.

Instead of going straight back from the float though she went sideways back towards the vehicle which still had the tailgate down as we were getting gear out of it.
All I can think happened is that the stirrup caught on the corner of the tailgate which made her panic.
Those that saw her said she virtually flipped into the back of the vehicle before rolling away from everything. 4 legs in the air.

Unbelievably she hasn't a mark on her. I have realised another advantage to having a treeless saddle. When your horse rolls over on them they don't get damaged.
However the stirrup leather was broken and they are not the same as ordinary stirrups so not easy to replace.

I flew home and grabbed the old stock saddle, got all the gear sorted and we actually had quite a good ride. The weather wasn't too bad either in the end.
She totally redeemed herself by being a lovely ride and then self loading herself when it was time to go home.

There are a couple of small marks on the vehicle and I am sure she will be sore somewhere tomorrow. I wasn't going to take any horses to the chiro this time he is up but will of course now take Summer to make sure she is OK.

Of all the things she does, that has to be the most frustrating. It come out of nowhere and doesn't happen for months and then its just like a switch is flicked in her head. So frustrating.

Poor Susan ended up with the uncomfortable saddle so is probably not thinking to highly of me now but it was the best fit for the horses. Gus behaved himself, just like he always does really. He is a good boy.

So now I have to get these stirrups replaced. I am waiting to here back from the person who sells the gear at the moment. Please, please, please let there be some in the storeroom........... and also there will be a cost to get to the chiro again. My idea of sticking to close rides to save money was a waste of an idea really wasn't it.