Monday, February 23, 2009

So after the high of Saturday

we hit a great big low on Sunday. I always did hate rollercoasters :-(

I was horrified to find Summer with a huge ugly fluid filled swelling in her girth area. What the heck had I done to her.
She seemed very touchy and didn't want to extend her foreleg at all. 20 minutes of cold hosing, some bute I had saved for an emergency, arnica pills and arnica & aloe vera cream rubbed in followed.
This morning I gave her more bute and called the vet. The swelling had gone down a bit. Finally at 5.30 pm tonight he arrived.

She seemed in good spirits tonight and the swelling was down a bit more again. She happily stood while he poked and prodded so it obviously isn't as sore but as to what or why................well that seems to be anyones guess.

Summer is well known for her sensitive skin. The slightest thing can cause her irritation. Shane (vet) inspected her girth as I was starting to blame that and his comments were that it was a very good girth and probably with a more normal one the swelling would have been a whole lot worse if thats what had caused it originally.

There was a lot of mud on Saturday. When I unsaddled her I did notice how much clay was on the inside of it. So lots of possible things that may have caused it but no real idea.

But of course I can't ride her. So she is going to have to go on a lead and follow Gus around. She is the bitch from hell to lead from another horse and I am not looking forward to it.
But I need to keep her fit. Too much work has gone to get her to this stage and its still 3 weeks till the trek.

I have ordered a sheepskin liner for the girth. That will make $300 worth of girthing equipment holding her saddle on. No wonder I am so poor.

Fingers and toes tightly crossed and if anyones reading this please send her some healing thoughts. Everything has been going so very well recently. We are really getting along fantastically. I am enjoying riding her so much and this is really disheartening.

If she can't go on the trek, I don't think I want to go.

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