Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ho hum..

Summer's swelling was way down this morning when I caught her. I hosed it again for 10 minutes and left her in the yard with a feed.

She had a date this afternoon with the fabulous Tommy B who is a totally amazing chiropractor type person. He seems to be a bit of a Summer fan as he is always extremely complimentary about her.

While I was secretly hoping there was nothing wrong, of course I had my doubts after incident with the float the other weekend. She was very sore above the tail but no referred pain this time as it was a new injury. Only needs a couple of days off. *insert hollow laughter here*

Surprisingly though, this afternoon the swelling has virtually gone but she has a damned insect bite that is right where the saddle would sit so even if her girth area was OK, I still couldn't ride her as the bite is quite bloody swollen.

I have gone into a tailspin over the girth thing as the sleeve I wanted is only available in 4 weeks time and I can't wait that long. They do have some super comfy looking girths that are very similar to the sleeve but of course they cost more. So being a bit stressed I have totally stuffed up the order. I am sure they think I am a complete idiot.

Do you ever wonder why stuff happens?????????

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