Thursday, February 26, 2009

2 days on the lead

and Summer has been remarkably well behaved, just to prove me wrong!
Apart from some face pulling from both Gus & Summer the past 2 days have gone quite well.

Summers swelling has gone altogether thank goodness but there is an obvious hard area which must have been what the swelling was from. Its only small so possibly something that got under the girth maybe?

I've been rubbing in lots of healing gel's and feeding her arnica tablets and I am impressed with how quick things are improving. The insect bite on her back is almost gone completely too.
Of course I won't be riding her till I am happy that it is properly cleared up. I really want her to be right for this trek.

Her new girth arrived today. They didn't have the liner I needed so I had to get a whole new girth.................again. It is devine though, so soft and fluffy. Fingers X'd that it helps her and means I can get riding on her again soon.

Sharon's tip of the day---- When using expanding foam in a can, take note that the label says to only fill half the space as the foam will keep expanding for a couple of hours..........................and believe me they mean what they say!

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