Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yellow Ponies

I think Summer is looking great right now. Fit and well muscled. I do hope all the little niggles settle down and she gets to go on the trek. So much work has gone into her recently.
You can see my girth modifications. I took her for a bit of a walk around today. Its been a week since she was ridden and she fairly full of herself. I was too nervous to do too much and as it was the scab came off the insect bite on her back. Its lovely pink skin now so I won't put the saddle back on for a few days till the area hardens up a bit.
Poor Gussy will have to go back to leading duties. He will not be impressed!

I thought it time I took some new photo's of Miami for her TM ad. You would think she would have sold by now but people are being a bit cautious with their money it seems. Lots of offers to swap her but we need her sold.

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