Sunday, January 18, 2009

Why? & how even?

Why is it I can ride her in all over the place, many places I know a lot of people wouldn't ever consider going, yet to ride away from the house, on her own, is causing so much anguish?

I am in no way at all brave and what scares me, others would have no problems with.

Tonight I have a slightly bruised cheekbone, and a shattered confidence but we did go away from home and we did go on our own.
However the moves are getting faster. Today though instead of faffing around for ages I just dealt to it the best way I knew how and off we went.
It's very windy today though and every moving thing was a potential horse eating bogey. I am not buying into that though as this is a paddock she lives in and has done for most of her life. On top of the hill, we hit a big gust and her tail flapped her sides and that nearly sent us home at super sonic speed.

How could I have let this happen? I so wish for the confidence of years ago when this hiccup would have been almost "fun".

Again though I am at the point of, why am I doing this? and when do I call it quits? Is selling her and getting something else the better option? Or do I just keep going and hope that the challenges get easier?

Knitting is again looking like a good alternative hobby.

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