Saturday, January 17, 2009

Soul Destroying

Over 2 hours :-( Thats how long it took, but I did manage to ride around the entire paddock. The paddock is about 25 acres, so it did take some time but it wasn't much fun.

We started off in the yards again but that was all good so I just had to deal with it and rode positively (well I thought it was) away from home.

I think we managed about 3 strides and she went up in the air, spun around and carted me off back to the gate. I tried all sorts of things but it was progressing from bad to worse than ever so I got off and we did some ground work, including lungeing, then got back on again and had another go.
Going from worse to worser then and I was so close to giving up totally.

But I enlisted the help of Mr whip this time and I used it to get some go forward. It wasn't pretty and probably totally wrong but it worked. We had a few "issues" on the way but we did go all the way...........and on our own!

Which makes me realise how I have been avoiding dealing with this. Its always been our sticking point and I guess I had hoped it might just go away in time if I avoided it for long enough.

I was really shaking when I got back home. Now just to do it all again tomorrow. Surely it won't be so bad next time?


FeetNZ said...

Power to you Sharon. Being a fellow soft touch I know how hard it is to put on the tough face; well done for persevering and it WILL get better.

and this is Summer said...

Thanks Fiona :-)