Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some improvements

Slowly does it but the shed is getting there. Builders back tomorrow to put the tin on........supposedly. You can tell I am keen to get my gear back into my own space aye!

On the riding front. I put off riding Summer again. Made every excuse I could muster. Its too windy (it really was blowing though), I am too sick (I have a head cold). Till this morning.
I grovelled to Karen and asked to go out for a ride with her. My plan being that maybe we needed to do something totally different away from home and try to just have an enjoyable ride.

We had a good 3 hour ride and only a few nappy moments. They were in slow motion compared to the drama's of the other days and apart from one time when I thought things were going to get nasty I managed to remain reasonably calm I thought.
It didn't matter whether she was in front or behind it seems. If she doesn't want to go she tries this new move. Lets hope things improve from here.

I also took the wonderful Gus out for a bit of a spin this morning. Partly because of my cold and partly because he has been so very forward of late I rode with out my spurs on.
What a difference it made. How do they know that!?!?!?!? I barely ever use them on him but gee he was hard work to push along this morning.
So I guess I will stick to wearing them from now on.
But still I have to sat, Gus Rocks!
He was just what I needed to cruise around on and enjoy.

Speaking of cruising I got to spend a couple of minutes give Cruize a scratch on Sunday. Gee I have a soft spot for that old boy. He did so much for me.
Steph has him for a bit as she doesn't have a horse to ride and he is great like that. There is a couple of photo's of him on her blog with her mum on him

Thanks so much to the people who e mailed and rang me in the past few days. You really helped a lot when I was feeling down. And thank you Karen for holding my hand a bit this afternoon.

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