Friday, January 23, 2009

Just some stuff I need to put in words and a few pics

And a few not very flash photo's. Above is Casper and Rocky checking for mice. Casper is too old to catch them but they make quite a good team and really work together.
And Rocky just being a clever clogs

And just so she didn't feel left out the very simple minded Kiri, who is just the loveliest, sweetest dog going but she has little up top I'm sure.
This is the wonderful old wagon that was left exposed to the weather when the shed blew down in the storm. Today it made its way back from the hay shed and it will go into the back of the new building. We are always talking of restoration but its a huge job.

This Konaki (think thats the spelling) is also one of the very elderly farm vehicles in storage here. I must go take some pic's of the one up in the rafters of the woolshed sometime. It is something very special!

So its starting to look more like a real shed now. Personally I think its ugly. I loved the old building and have mourned its loss. Annoying though all the hold ups. The doors still haven't arrived and they are short a sheet of iron as well as down pipes etc. Poor Butch (the builder) ordered a kitset thinking it would make the job easy!

After some friendly advise and a bit of research on Horsetalk I bought some MoreMag today for Summer. She has had her first dose tonight and only needs to have it every 1o days so not a big issue to give. Hopefully this is going to make her a bit more manageable.
Interestingly though, well it is too me, just how many people are telling me of very similar going's on with their horses. Maybe it is a grass thing?
I guess time will tell.

Gus has made it into the Horse & Pony magazine. When we went to Matakana Island there was a large group of Dutch visitors and one of them wrote an article about the weekend and the magazine has published it.
Gus is in a couple of the photo's. He is the most photographed horse we have ever had I think!

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