Saturday, January 24, 2009


I don't know if its the affect of the More Mag, or that I rode differently, or even that I have gone back to riding in the halter, and to be honest I don't bloody care but I actually had quite an enjoyable ride this afternoon.

Still a few nappy moments but I set out with the intent to not create any tension, to ignore (as much as possible) any behavior and to keep my eyes forward looking where I intended to go.
This meant we were going sideways a couple of times but even when she spun back I kept looking where I wanted to go. A couple of rapid sideways leaps at silly things but she actually seemed to be enjoying herself and so was I!

There is a ride next weekend at Whitehall (Cambridge) and I now think I may go along. Something to plan for is always good I find.

I've been thinking a lot lately about how public our lives are with the way we ask for advice, and give it on public message boards (and blogs), as well as how we love to tell people of our high's and low's.
The way we become familiar with people that we never meet, and how we almost think that we do actually "know" some of them.
Does all the information we have available to us make life easier or more confusing just because we have some many options to choose from?
Are we too quick to judge on people's written words?
I love technology but sometimes I wonder if its a good thing to get too wrapped up in.
When we go off on the treks, usually there is little to no cellphone coverage, radio's mostly don't work, there is no TV and no newspaper and of course no message boards or blogs!

I don't miss any of it.
So why when I am at home does it consume so much of my life??????????????

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